Dumpster Services for East Haven, Connecticut

East Haven Waste Removal Services to help you with teds rentals


Q. How much for a 20 yard dumpster toms rive nj?

A. Please call us about this so we can best answer your question

Q. What to do if garbage dumpster is damaged?

A. Excellent question, to learn more about this topic contact our experts

Q. How much is the rental on a big dumpster?

A. To give you the best response about this call our experts

Reviews of Local Dumpster Services

Waste Tech Family Refuse
20 reviews
Junk Removal & Hauling
45 Rose Hill Rd, Branford, CT 06405
Gorilla Dumpster Rentals
2 reviews
Dumpster Rental
20 NE Industrial Rd, Branford, CT 06405

East Haven Area Requested Waste Pick-up Tickets

Record NumberStatusRecord TypeOpened DateStreet NumberDirStreet NameTypeUnitDescriptionRelated RecordsCreated ByAssigned to DeptAssigned to Staff
20-WASTE-14596In WorkSolid Waste Recycling Daily Route4/13/2020SAHAWKINSLJCMG/PUBWORKS/WASTE/COLLECT/NA/NA/NASarita A Hawkins
20-HEC-01657OpenHealth Inspection4/11/20204400PRODUCERDCOVID20-HEC-01657,Open,Health Inspection,4/11/2020,4400,,PRODUCE,RD,,”COVID20-HEC-01657,Open,Health Inspection,4/11/2020,4400,,PRODUCE,RD,,”COVID20-HEC-01657,Open,Health Inspection,4/11/2020,4400,,PRODUCE,RD,,”COVID20-HEC-01657,Open,Health Inspection,4/11/2020,4400,,PRODUCE,RD,,”COVID
ENF-PMNT-19-008302-3ScheduledProperty Maintenance Site Visit4/9/20201805AUSTINWOODPLTDABNEY
SR-PRKG-20-53743ClosedParking Concern4/8/20202127GREENWOODAVELarge tractor trailer truck turned from 22nd street and hit a legally parked van. Broke the tail light, stopped, then kept going without notifying the owner. 22nd & Greenwood Avenue.UnfoundedADMINLJCMG/LMPD/NA/NA/NA/NA/NARichard E Williams
SR-MTRO-20-53776NSR Metro Agencies4/8/2020JMARSHALL

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