Dumpster Services for Broussard, Louisiana

Broussard Waste Removal Services to help you with houses for rent in kcmo


Q. Landlord wont tell me where the dumpster is site:www.avvo.com?

A. Good question, contact our experts to find out more about this topic

Q. How to make organic dumpster smell better?

A. Please call us about so we can best answer your question

Q. When do you need a dumpster permit in the lake forest?

A. To give you the best response about this call our experts

Reviews of Local Dumpster Services

1-800-GOT-JUNK? Lafayette
1 review
Junk Removal & Hauling
120A Clay Rd, Scott, LA 70583
Republic Services
3 reviews
Junk Removal & Hauling
201 Mire Rd, Scott, LA 70583

Broussard Area Requested Waste Pick-up Tickets

Record NumberStatusRecord TypeOpened DateStreet NumberDirStreet NameTypeUnitDescriptionRelated RecordsCreated ByAssigned to DeptAssigned to Staff
SR-MTRO-20-56692NSR Metro Agencies4/13/2020RVALLADAO
SR-MISC-20-55921NSR Miscellaneous4/10/2020JGRAY
ENF-ZON-20-000553OpenZoning Enforcement Case4/9/20202331WKENTUCKYSTCouncil office received a complaint — 2331 W Kentucky ST, this house is divided as a rooming house and has constant arguments btw the tenants and poor living conditions, the renters complain they have no shower and is being charged $750 a month for non functional conditions, there is a high turnover of tenants including house arrest, recovery addicts and attract a lot of strangers. large trash items is discarded in back yard every time he evicts and refrigerator stored on front porch, broken windows on the enclosed front porch, landlord name is Oliver Goodloe Jr. the neighbors has asked him to be selective in choosing tenants and to fix up property according to codes.MWILCHERLJCMG/PLANNING/ENF/NA/NA/NA/NARonald Miller
SR-GOVT-20-54257NSR Government4/8/2020GSHORT
SR-LID-20-54090In ProgressIllegal Dumping4/8/20203011MONTANAAVECitizen reporting illegal dumping behind this house and states that this is a part of a garage door, tree debris, trash etc and it has been there a monthVELLIOTT

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