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Q. What is pr secretary of state saying in video in dumpster?

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Q. What can i put in my dumpster santa fe?

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Q. How much does dumpster rental cost??

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Dunwoody Junction Area Requested Waste Pick-up Tickets

Record NumberStatusRecord TypeOpened DateStreet NumberDirStreet NameTypeUnitDescriptionRelated RecordsCreated ByAssigned to DeptAssigned to Staff
19PM2205-PM-4ScheduledProperty Maintenance Site Visit4/13/20203201POND STATIONRDJOWENS1
SR-SOCS-20-55402NSR Social Services4/10/2020MATKINSGREEN
SR-SOCS-20-54518NSR Social Services4/9/2020JGRAY
20-RDS-04031CompletedStreet Pothole Repair4/9/20204400COMMERCE CROSSINGSDR101Citizen reporting potholesVELLIOTTLJCMG/PUBWORKS/ADMIN/NA/NA/NA/NAStella Irvin
SR-FDBK-20-54309NSR Feedback or Question4/8/2020ADMIN

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